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Don't tell people, "You can be anything you want to be." Tell them, "Discover what you were born to do and do that."

Nikki Hanna, humorist,  author, and speaker, offers individual coaching on writing, as well as presentations and workshops on aging, leadership,  women's issues,  and writing.


Books By Nikki Hanna

Red Heels and Smokin’

Out of Iowa into Oklahoma

Capture Life - Write a Memoir

Hey, Kids, Watch This–Go BEYOND Aging Well

Leadership Savvy

​Near Sex Experiences - Aging with Bravado

Write Whatever the Hell You want

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How to Go BEYOND Aging Well

The Joy of Writing–Why You Write

How to Write Memoir

How to be a Standout Leader

Achieving "Authorship" 

Other/Custom Presentations

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Contact Information
Nikki Hanna, Patina Publishing
727 S. Norfolk Avenue
Tulsa, OK  74120