WRITING – Why do you write? The joy of writing is discovered when a person finds their own path and defines success on their own terms. I defined success as, "I wrote it, I shared it, and someone enjoyed it." With that definition, I am successful when the words flow. When writers buy into publishing industry rhetoric that success means "selling lots of books, making lots of money, and becoming famous," frustration and a sense of failure invade their worlds. Lesser known avenues to writing joy are often overlooked. After exploring alternatives, I found my niche, and I may be the happiest writer I know. My mission is to share my journey and encourage writers to find their bliss through writing. (Presentation: Finding the Joy in Writing–Why You Write)


You Can DO IT

 You Can Shine

If you are over sixty, you may have one-third of your life left. This is your time, and it can be your best time. Be a person in crescendo. 

MEMOIR – You can create a wonderful life story without being “a writer.”  Do it your way, in your voice, on your level, and in whatever form is comfortable for you. By doing so, you create something that is all kinds of crazy beautiful because it is uniquely yours. When you capture your life story, or someone else's, descendants will know a heritage that would otherwise be lost forever. They may never experience the time or place where you grew up, but they will know that place. They may never have met the person whose story you told, but they will know that person because you captured life. Through writing, the past connects with the future, generations link together in a common thread, and legacy is created.(Book/Workshop/Speech:Capture Life–Write a Life Story)



AGING – When it comes to aging, everyone is afraid on the inside, but growing old is the universe showing off. You can orchestrate your aging experience—not as a burden to those you love—but as a gift. Although the challenges are severe, personal triumph is possible. Some people coast, and that's okay, I guess. I can't do it. I focus on remaining relevant and making a difference in other people's lives no matter what happens. My plan is to do that to the point of a good goodbye. I hope to never wonder, "Why am I here?" I want my children to observe my aging experience and look forward to their own rather than dread growing older. When I have a bad day, I look for a way to make a difference in someone else's life. I call this aging beyond well. By aging well, you hum. By going beyond aging well, you sing. I encourage others to construct their experience so they sing like an opera star. Go ahead. Do it. Sing.(Book/Workshop/Presentation: Hey, Kids, Watch This–Go BEYOND Aging Well)


LEADERSHIP – When an aspiring leader views leadership through the lens of "service to others," they are postured to ensure that those around them are successful and; therefore, in a position to champion their leader's own achievements. This perspective also provides an avenue through which a leader, as a primary player, shapes an organization as a prosperous industry leader–one that invests in the people who make success happen. (Book/Presentation: Leadership Savvy)


LOVE – The book, Near Sex Experiences, is composed of a collection of writings designed to inform and entertain. Please note, it is not about sex. It's about near sex. Candid musings reflect the juxtaposition of deep emotional meanderings and crazy wonderful humorous prose. Strong messages prevail although the tales reveal that I don't understand men any better at seventy-one than I did at seventeen. Enough said. (Book: Red Heels and Smokin'–How I Got My Moxie Back)



When asked to describe herself in one sentence, Nikki Hanna said, “I’m a metropolitan gal who never quite reached the level of sophistication and refinement that label implies.” The contradictions reflected in this description are the basis of her humorous prose.

After retiring from forty-some years in corporate America, Hanna became a writer and has formed her own publishing company. She describes her writing as, "rich with irreverent, quirky humor and peppered with strong messages." Her primary audience is women over fifty and writers. As an author, teacher, writing coach, contest judge, and speaker, she is dedicated to inspiring others and offers workshops and presentations on aging, writing, leadership, and women’s issues. 

In addition to numerous awards for poetry, essays, and short stories, Hanna is the recipient of Oklahoma Writers’ Federation’s Crème de la Crème Award, and the Rose State College’s Outstanding Writer Award. As a self-published author, her book wards include The National Indie Excellence Book Award, two International Book Excellence Awards, four Independent Book Awards, and USA Book Finalist Award. Her books are available on Amazon and Kindle.

Hanna has a BS Degree in Business Education/Journalism and an MBA. She is a retired CPA and Toastmaster with over forty years of business experience. As an executive for one of the country’s largest companies, she served as a consultant on national industry task forces, as a board member for corporations, and as an advisor on curriculum development/strategic planning for educational institutions and charity organizations.

Hanna lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her children define her as a bit of a pistol. They tell her, “Don’t call me if you get thrown in jail.” One of them calls her his Obi-Wan Kenobi, which she says is the nicest compliment she has ever received. Her four grandchildren think she is the toy fairy. Those in California believe she lives at the airport.

                             Hanna is available for customized workshops, speeches,

entertainment programs, writer coaching, contest judging, and book readings.

WOMEN'S ISSUES – Because many women's issues are so traumatic, humor is one way to deal with them. This is a program on parenting, love, career, aging, friendship, and relevance that is guaranteed to entertain and to deliver strong messages on the challenges women face. My books reveal life experiences related to these issues. These personal experiences are most vividly portrayed in my book Red Heels and Smokin'– How I Got My Moxie Back. Chapters "Fight Like a Girl" and "Woman Right There (WRT)" convey the challenges I faced in a career spanning forty-some years wherein my role shifted from secretarial work to that of corporate executive. (Presentation: Woman Right There (WRT); Book:Red Heels and Smokin') 


THE CRAFT OF WRITING –  You might think craft is a nuisance, and you would be right. It’s hard to get excited about punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, organization, and writing technique. But craft is what sets a writer apart. It demonstrates a commitment to the art and builds writing muscles. It is the background that makes brilliance pop. It is required to achieve the status of "authorship," which means you have embraced writing as a profession.

Craft is not important in all circumstances. Mastering craft is a personal choice. If you are writing a life story, craft may not be a priority. It is not important you have a perfect book; it is just important you have one. A flawed memoir has a charm all its own, one that reflects the essence of the writer. (Presentation: Finding Joy in Writing;  Book: Capture Life–Write a Life Story)


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