People who cared for you in the past have invested in you. You owe them a return on their investment.

You Can DO IT

 You Can Shine

Books by Nikki Hanna


You Can Take the Girl Out of Iowa, but
You Can’t Take the Iowa Out of the Girl
(Memoir–The Early Years)

A saucy and touching memoir, this book is about Hanna’s experiences growing up on an Iowa farm, moving to Oklahoma, and becoming a successful business executive. Laced with encouragement and lessons learned, it delivers a hopeful, inspirational journey through the challenges of being exposed to diverse cultures. Readers will laugh, cry, and fall in love with Iowa, Oklahoma, and the intriguing characters in this book.

How I Got My Moxie Back
(Memoir–Juicy Stuff Left Out of First Memoir)

As a humorist, Nikki Hanna turns unfortunate experiences into laughable situations and sources of lessons learned. If you are a woman facing the challenges of aging, loving, and finding your passion, this book is for you and those who care about you. If you are a man, this book may take you to a level of confusion you have never before experienced.

This award-winning book–a delightful romp through transitional times–vividly portrays the years of leaving behind a successful career and a long-term relationship while going through the passage of being sixty-something. By resurrecting the moxie that served her well in younger years, Nikki Hanna turns a tsunami of crises that threatened to overwhelm her into an amusing story of hope and passion. The rally will have readers rooting for her recovery and perhaps strategizing to initiate one of their own.

CAPTURE LIFE - Write a Memoir
Create a Life Story–Leave a Legacy
(How to Write Memoir and Print/Publish a Book)

Another award-winning book, Capture Life is rich with captivating tales that reveal how anyone can write a memoir. It provides the nudge readers need to get started on telling their life stories. Real examples of lost stories illustrate the urgency of doing so. What sets this book apart is Hanna’s humor, which entertains the reader while introducing techniques that encourage even the most reticent person to write. This book proves that anyone can write.

Flush with helpful details on simple and inexpensive ways to print, publish, and share stories, Capture Life exposes the pitfalls of publishing. Valuable tools, checklists, and writing tips are provided, which are helpful guides for both novice and seasoned writers.

If a story is not captured, at some point, it is lost forever. Hanna convinces readers that everyone’s life is interesting and worthy of preservation. Her book reveals step-by-step how to do so. The chronicling of life stories creates legacy, and legacies are forever.

Relevant, Readable, Practical Advice for
Both New and Seasoned Leaders

(How to be a Standout Leader)

This book demonstrates how to stand out as a leader, how to promote employee loyalty, and how to build an energized workforce. Based on over forty years of business experience, Hanna identifies Ten Common Leadership Mistakes, Ten Management Myths, and Five Keys to Career Success. These revelations are designed to make a profound difference in a person’s effectiveness as a leader.

Go BEYOND Aging Well
(How to Make This Your Best Time)

Aging is a gift not everyone gets. A person can begrudge or embrace it. Rather than being haunted by the stereotype of aging, it is possible to reframe the process and become a beacon. For those who feel they are disappearing—becoming less relevant—this book, which won the International Book Excellence Award, suggests a transition from being invisible to mattering. A bold shift in core assumptions spurs readers to discover the best part of their older selves and thereby to remain relevant.

Legacy is created by how a person ages. Legacy is forever. It flows through generations. Many people age well, but aging in a way that is a gift to others is going beyond well. By doing so, a person becomes a proper ancestor. This may be the most important thing a person does in their lifetime. How to do that is what this book is about.

Those who care about you want you to be okay—need you to be okay. When you are okay to the end—no matter what happens—you soften their worlds and give them peace. This fosters a splendid aging experience, a good goodbye, and a grand and enduring legacy. Aging is your experience, not theirs. Own it.


A Woman in Crescendo, Aging with Bravado

A playful romp through the process of aging, this collection of vignettes introduces fresh perspectives on the challenges of growing old. A unique blend of creative fiction, memoir, essay, and poetry delivers strong messages and sound coping strategies for people in the third trimester of life and those who care about them. Deeply touching stories, thoughtful musings, and tales laced with wicked wit are certain to enlighten and entertain. The message is clear. No matter your age, you can be a person in crescendo.


Finding Joy and Purpose in Writing

Few writers are successful at achieving the industry measure of success–selling lots of books. Most are frustrated and harboring a sense of failure. This book is loaded with unconventional approaches to writing that guides seasoned and novice writers to a level of authorship that guarantees success. Hanna does not suggest writers give up their dream of selling books, but that they embrace fresh perspectives and customized paths that promote realizing their own unique, crazy-wonderful joy and purpose through writing.


How Not to Write Like an Amateur

This book thrusts a writer quickly and efficiently from novice to professional status. Seasoned writers will also benefit from the fresh perspectives and novel processes that demonstrate authorship. In the intensely competitive publishing environment, a writer cannot afford to appear inexperienced, and experts will spot a rookie in short order. Hanna reveals “what shouts amateur” and shows how a writer can stand out as proficient and become more competitive. Listen Up, Writer is unique in the field of how-to books on writing because of the practical examples of key writing practices and processes. Many books talk about voice and style. This one shows how to find and nurture these qualities.


Sometimes I Just Talk Crazy

A memoir covering five years, 2016 through 2020, includes Nikki Hanna's relevant and insightful observations on aging, love, loneliness, cults, politics, mental illness, and the pandemic. Anyone disturbed by this difficult period in our nation's history will be enlightened by this candid, heartfelt account of personal experiences and Hanna's bold interpretations of events. The combination of emotions, factual information, and analysis provide a wealth of fresh perspectives and lessons learned that inform and encourage Americans to be better citizens. It also suggests ways to protect one's self and loved ones from contemporary threats. Readers will be challenged to understand that complacency is complicity, to remain resilient in the face of adversity, and to appreciate the value of awareness of how cults work. Hanna's philosophical musings include wise advice on ways to find purpose and create legacy by how one lives and loves. Serious topics are cleverly balanced with the wit and humorous prose for which Hanna is known. If this book were described in one word, it would be worthwhile.